To analyze the archaeology of pre modern Kerala

To reconstruct  the structure of polity and governments  in the context of Sangam literature

To create an over view of the emergence of the state and temple oriented society

To explain the historicity of Swarupams and Nadu

To summarize emergence of modern states and analyzing the social systems and structures of the society.

Locate major pre-historic settlements and evolution of early farming communities

Examine the evolution of Varna and Jati based social structure in Early India.

Critique the social base of heterodox religions of 6th Century BC and its influence in power relations.

Appraise the cultural achievements of the Guptas

Differentiate Tamil literary traditions and locate Tinais across time and region.

To demonstrate in discussion  about  significance of the unification movements

To develop the ability to think critically about the world wars

To create an interpretation based on achievements and failures of international organizations