Department of Home Science

                                     PROGRAMME LEARNING OUTCOMES IN COURSE

     Home Science is a science-oriented, multidisciplinary subject which encompasses the multifarious activities that occur in families, households, and communities. Over years, the discipline has evolved and expanded to encompass activities and services of relevance, not only to the micro contexts of the family and community, but also to the macro context of the larger society. Home Science is both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary in its context encompassing the five major disciplines of Family Resource Management, Food Science and Nutrition, Textiles and Apparel Designing, Child Development, and Extension and Education. Each discipline has one or more specific areas of specialization. The term 'programme' refers to the entire scheme of study followed by learners leading to a qualification which essentially is a combination of the five disciplines. Offering the Programme as a value-laden one needs to be reflected in The Programme Outcomes (PO) and the Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO).

 Programme Outcome (PO) statements (Regular Degree in B.Sc in Home Science)  

• Deliver quality tertiary education through learning while doing.

 • Reflect universal and domain-specific values in Home Science.

• Involve, communicate and engage key stakeholders.

• Preach and practice change as a continuum.

• Develop the ability to address the complexities and interface among of self, societal and national priorities.

• Generate multi-skilled leaders with a holistic perspective that cuts across disciplines.

 • In still both generic and subject-specific skills to succeed in the employment market.

 • Foster a genre of responsible students with a passion for lifelong learning and entrepreneurship

• Develop sensitivity, resourcefulness and competence to render service to families, communities, and the nation at large.

• Promote research, innovation and design (product) development favouring all the disciplines in Home Science.

• Enhance digital literacy and apply them to engage in real time problem solving and ideation related to all fields of Home Science.

• Appreciate and benefit from the symbiotic relationship among the five core disciplines of Home Science – Resource Management, Food Science and Nutrition, Textiles and Apparel Designing, Child Development and Extension and Communication.


Programme Specific Outcomes – PSO: following are the outcomes expected from students:

I.                   Describe and analyze the discipline of Home Science as a holistic field of study covering multiple facets and requirements of human beings in day to day living, for example, achievement of appropriate milestones in personal development; awareness, need and use of family resources; access to adequate nutrition for wholesome development; clothing fundamentals and advances; and effective strategies for community extension and communication.

II.                 Demonstrate skills/talents and proficiency in specialized areas of study.

III.              Demonstrate proactive networking in specific areas of study involving significant stakeholders including professionals, researchers, and public service personnel.

IV.              Address concern for the community (urban, rural and tribal) with genuine sensitivity and dedicate transferable knowledge and research findings for the benefit of the community.

V.                  Develop sensitivity, resourcefulness, and competence to render service to enhance development of individuals, families, communities, and the nation at large.

VI.              Manifest a wide range of knowledge regarding sources of data (information) collection and transfer enabling exchange of ideas and notions; access to resources including e-resources and libraries; trends in knowledge gaining and transfer (teaching- learning processes); techniques of skill acquisition and understanding existing basic issues related to the disciplines in Home Science and methods to resolve and ratify them.

VII.           Demonstrate interest in engaging in active need based, innovative and community-oriented.