Module 1- Meaning and definition of Marketing

Module 2- Consumer Behaviour

Module 3- Product

Module 4 -Pricing decisions

Module 5- Promotions

Module 1 - Introduction to financial services

Module2- Fund based financial services- Part 1

Module3- Fund based financial services - Part 2

Module 4- Fee based financial services

Module 5- Credit rating

The Course Financial Management is an Elective Course under the Finance Stream of B.Com CBCSS Programme of University of Kerala  designed for III Semester Students. The very aim of the  course  is to provide conceptual and analytical insights to make Financial Decisions Skill fully. After completion of the course, the learners will equipped with the conceptual framework of Financial Management and its Practical applications.

The Course Principles of Management is an Open Course offered by Department of Commerce for the  fifth semester  UG  students coming from other disciplines according to the syllabus framed by the University of Kerala for its affiliated Arts and Science Colleges conducting  various UG  Programme. The main purpose of the course is to provide knowledge on the fundamentals of management principles and functions .

Principles of Management  is an Open Course (CC 1551.2)Proudly offered by the Department of Commerce to the Fifth Semester  students  from other disciplines. It enables the students to understand the fundamentals of  Principles of Management. It will help the students to use their resources effectively  in realising their dreams.

Fundamentals of Income Tax (FIT) is a  4 credit 90 hours  Core Course designed  by University of Kerala for the Fifth Semester B.COM CBCSS students  in order to impart them basic knowledge and understanding of the concepts and practices of Income Tax Law in India. The Course consisted of 5 modules such as Income Tax Act, Income from Salaries , Income from House property , Other Heads of Income& Computation of Tax Liability of Individual Assessee. On successful completion of the course students will be able to :

  • Understand the different concepts of Income Tax 
  • Analyse  residential status of various categories of assessees 
  • Compute taxable income under various heads of Income 
  • Analyse  and evaluate various deductions applicable to Individual assessee
  • Compute the tax liability of Individual assessees.

Course Instructor : Dr. SULEENA V.S, Associate Professor & Head , Department of Commerce 

Course Instructor : Dr. Suleena V.S 
                                            Associate Professor & Head